Saturday, November 21, 2009



In a box – torn from my little nest
I embark upon a lifelong quest
Part trail, part pleasure
All to entertain, some gilded folks in their leisure

From cardboard box to palatial gilded cage
A bit apart, I am encouraged to engage
The world around, from my secured perch
Out slates – my obstructed view, the truth of the landscape I research

“Sing pretty bird, Sing pretty bird!”
Endless this is all I heard
And I sang my beautiful song
For that given from the heart, how can it be wrong?

House of gold bars upon the table
Peers & pokes & questions from those who are able
Curiosities & niceties, from all who visit
Nothing to do but sing and sit

Until one day the young master with big ideas arrives
And wonders how at how a creature of flight survives
When with a flourish, the door opens wide
My sanctuary quickly invaded, by a hand reaching inside

“Fly pretty bird, Fly pretty bird!”
Endless this is all I heard
And around the room on outstretched wings
I fly free – as my heart truly sings

Now near to his desk, I while away my days
Little door open, free to perch & fly in the light through glass rays
At nights, closed up tight, safe & secure
By days I sing & fly, content in radiance pure

Basking in his indifference & attentions
I preen, strut & sore, with great intentions
Luxuriating in such wondrous freedoms
At peace in his controlled fiefdom

“Frolic little bird, Frolic little bird”
Endless this is all I heard
And I heartily embraced his words & deeds
My instincts, oh lamentable, I failed to heed

One pleasant summer day
Sweet freedom, ripped from me away
When the fat sleek Persian came
Rendering my wings once again lame

Now I am confined to my perch & cage
Doors locked tight, to keep me safe, left to bask in my rage
For before I tasted freedom’s flight
Truly I was blinded to my plight

“Sing pretty bird, Sing pretty bird!”
Endless this is all I heard
Summer long – until I found my voice
For there was no other choice…

Appear in the Naked Sunfish (May 2009)

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