Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I wrote this shortly after Heath Ledger passed away. I was awed by his talent. Today I am thinking about the darkness, the light, the gray area we all live in. Everyday.

How do we make sense of it. What does it mean.

So I searched my archieves. Man, I have written alot over the years. So much... It's how I try to make sense of the darkness, of the light, of the grey area.


The Sound I most want to hear:
Please draw near to me
Oh sweet Silence
I cannot think
In the chaos of noise I further sink
To be numb in stillness for awhile
To have my mind free
Longing I am for Silence
Take a drink, embrace the cheap Chemical thrill
if only the nervous soul I could still
Come, Come to me - Silence
It hurts, this noise
The abundance of ideas in my head
What I need is quiet Silence
My art, my craft
all this noise leaves me daft
Silence - where can thou be?
My focus shot
My ideas turned to rot
Craving, seeking the Golden Silence
Inspiration pure & sweet
in my belly liquor's heat
For a bit, for awhile the voices settle - Silence
On the edge - stretched to the limit
My creative self suddenly... co-dependent
All in quest of blessed Silence
Gone my Gift
My soul cast adrift
Sweet Addiction - engulfing Silence
My voice now silent
My soul screaming in pain
Oh when will this dreaded Silence wane?

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