Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I wrote this based on the CCC challenge words, made some edits, and am posting it here. This is the first time I composed a poem electronically and not on paper. Normally I write my poems out long hand. This one was composed in Evernote. It worked. I am not sure it will always work.


Sitting back on my sit-bones,
like a balanced butternut squash,
the seeds at my center, waiting,
anxious for childbearing, for the
promise of the coming blossoms.

A honeybee travels slowly,
zigzagging, not noticing
the gentle breeze, delicately visiting
blossom after blossom, knowing
the best welcome is without a hammer.

Invincible is the wind, on which he flies.

Creamy velvet sugar, the perfect top hat
on the rich cupcake. Ants marching, across
the counter, fanatic and hungry for gooey
sweetness. Sticky fingers of a child
swoop down, like a crane and steal
the prize, leaving a trail for them to follow.

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