Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Naked Sunfish - New Issue out today

Issue # 59 of Naked Sunfish is on virtual newsstands EVERYWHERE!!

This may be our biggest issue yet with the poetry of Dennis Toth, Ted Kane, Rick Brown, & Dr. John Bennett!!

Artwork by C. Merhl Bennett, Morris Jackson and Jessy Kendall!!

Fiction by Elisa Phillips and Shawn Gaines!! Non fiction by Rick Brown!! Comics by Sue Lense and Ray Tomczak!!

Political commentary by professor emeritus and theologian Dr. Carl Skrade!!! Go to Cupcake Camp with Emily Glenn and Jim Eaton!! The Fat Mule restaurant review!!

Travel!! Theater reviews by Rick Brown!! The Naked Sunfish Interview with rock icon Country Joe McDonald!! Music!! You'll laugh!! You'll cry!! Check it out!! Bookmark's HUGE!!!!!!

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